The objective is spread our territory.

The dining room of a restaurant provides a cohesion that few places can emulate. It is a universe of emotional connections, enriched with the feedback of proximity. 

We are called upon to reinterpret our profession, leveraging these buoyant times in cuisine in order to grow with our International colleagues. Seduce, so that they can seduce. 
We should be able to connect emotionally with chefs/cooks/servers and prepare the way we interact with diners better. Attend to them with a deliberate and calm look. Make the most of oriental charm, its ritual.
Feeling good, comfortable, clean, it is said that he or she who perfumes themselves – in our case subtly – has a better concept of themselves. Paying attention to fashion trends to update our garb. Asking the right questions. Reflecting upon tone of voice. With a natural, frank smile. Pushiness may lead to ridicule, while servility frightens and overwhelms. Simplicity, please, simplicity and normality as the norm.

The reconstruction of cuisine in the dining room, addressing new changes and concepts can be fascinating. Interpreting the rhythm and pauses of the table. Becoming storytellers, narrators of dishes and wine and much, much more… Wisdom is indispensable for physical and mental decompression, and it should come as no surprise that study and knowledge are part of our vain refuge. They enshroud the exercise of our profession. The foundations are study, perseverance, consistency and curiosity, so as to become more confident and self-assured

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A new era for Rawabina, gives an opportunity to fulfil even greater aspirations in delivering a
most personal and immersive dining experience.